Acrylic on Canvas
30"W x 40"H

On my Home Page you will see an image of this painting which is right next to a studio window. It’s in a perfect spot to take in both this special piece and many beautiful sunsets. In a time of reflection, I composed this poem to try to capture the fleeting nature of moments, the need to cherish memories, the cycle of life, connections that provide warmth and meaning and the choice we can make to slow down and savor the journey – with every day providing fresh opportunities and experiences.


The changing hue of your view
There for but a moment
That slips away as you stay
To capture beauty in each day
Night to light with all anew
Facing skies of gray or blue
You rush to this and rush to that
Or linger along the path
To think of those you used to know
Whose memory keeps your heart aglow